Wednesday 21 October 2009

News - Bodies and OS

So finally the rumours can stop along with all the speculation about the 1Dmk111 replacement, that I mentioned yesterday as the worlds worst kept secret is unveiled.

I am not going to spend loads of time repeating the details of the specs. as they are loads of links out there. A couple worth looking at are here from Canon UK and a particularly good bit of detailed analysis from Rob Galbraith here.

What do I like?

16MP - is about where I think would be reasonable for a 1.3 crop.

Higher ISO capability - although as per usual I would need to see the results, but the claim for an extra 4 stops would be great. Usable ISO6400 would be a significant step forward.

All new AF system with all points user selectable - plus a whole load of other controls - see the Galbraith article and this link here from Canon USA plus redesigned AI servo system - provided it all works OK - really don't want to have deja vu again.

Same body, same controls and same battery as Mark3.

What do I detest?

The price!!! This is an outrageous hike.

The 1Dmk3 launched at £3000 rrp and quickly the prices stabilised out and settled to a low of £2300 before Gordon Brown did his best to ruin the £ exchange rate at the beginning of this year.

With the 1DmkIV launching at £4500 rrp this is a massive 50% hike, so even when it has stabilised out in the UK market it is still going to be at significantly higher costs.

OK so there is the '1D lite' version in the 7D - but no thanks - not all those pixels on a 1.6 crop body.

I think Canon are well off the mark here with this pricing and it does not sit well when compared with the Nikon equivalent.

However, as far as I concerned this is all pretty academic at this point in time as I will not be an early adopter of any new Canon product after the 1Dmk3, as I am very happy for others to do the testing - I have earned my scars already, and of course the beta testers always pay top whack for the privilege.

The other bit of news today is Windows 7 is due out. Having checked out the specs. and upgrade routes, I will hang fire on my main PC as a back up, full install and reinstall of apps is required.

Not sure I can face that prospect, as XP is pretty good for me these days.

I may take the less risk option and do the upgrade on the Netbook after a while to see what it is like on there.


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