Sunday 18 October 2009

Smokey Mountains-wet wet wet 2

Today was an improvement over yesterday, The rain stayed most of the day but I had changed my plans to match, Instead of joining the masses at Cades Cove I had a lie in and after breakfast went to a small lane that runs at the side of the river, here were many rapids and small waterfalls and at the end after a 15 min hike a larger fall, the tree colours here were great, not the deep reds but various shades of yellow/gold, The inclement weather was good for this type of work where low shutter speeds are the name of the game, I would normally fit a polariser filter to saturate the colours and slow the shutter speed down but due to the rain and low light I decided against it, The only reason I would have liked it would be to take the shine off of the rocks, So all was well with the world-not quite, After taking a couple of hundred images in sequences of 5 for HDR the D3 packed up giving me the cd Error again, I had this problem in Colorado in June and the body had been sent back to Nikon for repair, It seems to me that the problem lies with the 2nd card slot and it was the same then, I havent had a chance since to shoot enough to fill the 1st card and spill over to the 2nd until today, Unfortunatly for me I didn’t have any other cards on me and it only happened after I had climbed down to the base of a waterfall and I only managed 3 images which luckily were enough for an HDR image-see below, Tomorrow will see the last of the bad weather with a chance of frost and snow on the higher ground and after that clear skies and sunshine for the rest of the week, Monday will see me back in Cades Cove for the white tails, Once again these images were processed on my uncelebrated laptop


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