Thursday 15 October 2009

Views - More on Pixels (Yawn!!!!!)

Just a quickie tonight as I am going out to a music gig. I suppose there is a tenuous wildlife connection. The band is called Talon - they are a cover group of The Eagles.

So having thought about the various philosophies that have been adopted by Canon and Nikon when I comes to mega pixies, I face a personal dilemma.

I am about to upgrade my mobile phone to the new Sony Ericsson Satio - it has a 12MP camera - not that that is the reason I am buying it, I just like SE mobiles, and I am due an upgrade. And no, I am not falling for the marketing hype of expensive style over substance offerings from a certain fruit company either :-)

Now if I were to adopt the Canon mindset that MP's are everything, then I need to get shot of my 1Dmk3 as it only has a mere 10MP, so surely the SE will be better by that analogy.

And the 1Dmk3 can't even make calls or make text's to boot!!!

Of course I jest, but my point remains that despite what Canon think we want as users, Nikon seems to be the manufacturer that is listening to photographers and not their own marketeers.

Now maybe Canon will prove me wrong next week when the 1Dmk4 is expected to be announced - but I certainly do not want or need more than 15MP. Not at the expense of good basic camera performance on professional quality kit.

I just want low noise performance at high ISO's - and pixel cramming doesn't work as has been shown by the results from the Canon 50D and early feedback on the 7D. Canon even know this themselves as evidenced by the new G11 where they have down sized the pixel count.

I also want an fast accurate AF system that works on subjects that move and in low light.

And I want more dynamic range.

I know I am not alone in this - let's wait until next week to see if Canon have ears


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