Wednesday 7 October 2009

News - some bad, some good, some not so sure

Well you regular readers know now that when I do one of my updates on news it is because either I am a bit light on new photo stuff or am short of time to write.

I guess today's is a bit of both.

But there were some stories that caught my eye that I thought I would share with you - all from a site that I have shared with before Wildlife Extra.

Firstly, back in February, I posted this blog about problems for the Formby Red Squirrels. Well sadly, things have got worse with a 90% drop in numbers from as recently as November 2007. This really is bad news and I desperately hope they can make it but it doesn't look promising. The full story can be seen here.

The next story is one of mixed feelings for me. This is about further reintroduction of White Tailed Sea Eagles, this time in Suffolk. Now as a lover of these fantastic birds from my many visits to Mull, I do have concerns about further reintroduction. OK you say, they were initially reintroduced to Scotland to get them going again, and that would be a fair argument. The full story is here, and I do find myself tending to agree with the comment left by Mal Tyler on the thread. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Finally, the good story also concerns White Tailed Sea Eagles who have had record breeding successes in Scotland. Again the link to the story is here. 46 breeding pairs have produced 36 chicks, with a total of over 200 of these birds in Scotland. So I suppose my conclusion to the previous story is that I would be in favour of natural dispersal of these birds to find their own way now they are considered to be established.


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