Friday 30 October 2009

Canon 1D MK4 Price revision in Switzerland

I still get news from Canon Switzerland even though i ask them not to send it, Today i received a mail saying:

EOS 1D Mark IV: Prix de vente conseillé définitif CHF 7'148.-


Veuillez noter que jusqu'à présent, nous avions communiqué un prix de vente conseillé de CHF 8'148.- pour l'EOS 1D Mark IV. Le prix de vente conseillé définitif est de CHF 7'148.- et les conditions pour les revendeurs restent inchangées.

Basically its says :
Want to note that so far, we had communicated a price of advised sale of CHF 8'148.- for the EOS 1D Mark IV. The advised final sale price is CHF 7'148.- and the conditions for the dealers remain unchanged.

This works out to be about 4300GBP or 7000USD

I dont know if Canon Suisse got their prices wrong the first time or if this is a price reduction


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