Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Dave mentioned about CP+ in Japan next week in his last blog.  Here in the UK, it is just about a month away to the annual bunfight that is Focus on Imaging at the NEC.

I used to attend this every year, and it was particularly easy for me as I worked at the NEC at that time.  The downside was that it became quite expensive as I built up my collection, but it was possible to get a bargain or two there.  Rarely were those bargains cameras and lenses unless you were happy to buy 'B' stock.  Some of it was great and others just OK.  I bought my first L lens which was a Canon 70-200f4L which I bought in 2005 - it was a cracking little lens.

Unless I have a complete change of mind on my kit in the next few days then I will probably stay with Canon and will get the 5Dmk2 as I alluded to here. After a quick crunch of the numbers to get a like for like set of kit, then I am looking at something like a 5K gap from the second hand prices of my Canon versus new Nikon gear.  

Given other expenses and priorities, I am not sure that this is something I am prepared to jump to at this time - but you never know.

Looking at the prices for the 5Dmk2 here on camerapricebuster you can see that the competition is keen, and talking with a couple of dealers the margins that they make on the selling price is really tiny.  On that basis, the price differential is not worth a specific trip to a jammed up NEC - for me at any rate, to hope to get a better deal.

Besides which, I need a full frame body for a set of images the weekend after and I am not prepared to buy a camera just before I need it.  I like at least a month to make sure it works, as I want it to, and if it needs to go back there is time.

So if you plan to go, have fun.  You will need to look very carefully for bargains, as it is easy to get caught up in a spending frenzy and let your card run away from you.

I speak from experience.

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