Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Canon pull the plug on Focus on Imaging Show

Canon pulled out of the Focus on Imaging show less that two weeks before the show is to open.  Story details can be found here.  Interesting that the show organisers don't mention it on their website, but have removed them from their exhibitors list.  Canon will almost have certainly committed a lot of money to this already with stands, services, accommodation and staff that will be wasted now.

I have previously covered a few thoughts of mine on the show here

In other news, Pentax have returned to the show after an absence of six years


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  1. Another piece of evidence (sales price hikes and ink jet consumable pricing)that suggests there seems to be serious financial issues within the Canon organisation. I doubt these are life-threatening more like net margin protecting, but what is disappointing and worrying are the signals being sent to the marketplace by pulling out at the last minute. Have some grace/style Canon. Explain your marketing choices because if you don't it just makes it that bit easier to prefer the competition (N***n)in the long term. Just thought, you don't suggest there's issues with the new 500 and 600 lenses due you and that's the reason for the sudden cold feet. They've been delayed six months already - Canon Marketing really do need to speak their Engineering Dept - this is so dysfunctional.