Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Japan Travelogue-Day 5

Today was another early start-4am, We went back to Otowa bridge to see if the weather would give us some special conditions, Yesterday was cloudy and overcast with snow, You need bright but cold conditions to get the best from Otowa bridge, It was -15 and clear and when we got to the bridge the mist was rising from the river and with the cranes in the water in the distance it had a surreal feel to the scene, We spend a couple of hours shooting there before heading off to one of the Crane feeding sites, We grabbed a coffee and shot some cranes in flight before heading over to the International crane centre, We knew there was feeding at 2pm and when we arrived we were surprised to see the whole viewing area already covered with photographers, We found ourselves some place to shoot and at 2pm a guy came out and threw some fish on the snow, the place went mad and within seconds both White Tailed Eagle and Black Kites filled the air, it was a free for all for 15 minutes until the feeding frenzy was over, i was caught out and didnt have my camera settings sorted when it began and accidentally shot on AV-Big mistake and a tonne of images hit the bin, I am happy with some so not all was lost, WE WILL RETURN to this very special place, As well as the cranes,Eagles and Kites we also had a fox visit and we viewed some foxes mating near the main road
Tomorrow we move off and up to Lake Kussharo for swans and ducks, Lets hope our luck stays good-so far its been fantastic



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