Sunday, 20 February 2011

Sunday Quickie

Just back from shopping in Solihull and Birmingham - seemed like a good idea on a crappy horrible grey light day....again.  We certainly are having a poor run of light here in the UK, or at least wherever I seem to be at weekends anyway.

That's now 5 out of the last 6 weekend days for me that have not been any good, so I was pleased I did get out to Slimbridge last Saturday as you will have seen from the Lesser Scaup images I posted on Friday. 

Bird activity in the garden is picking up and it was fantastic last weekend to see both male Siskins and a Male Brambling on consecutive days.  I haven't seen any for the last three years so it was a welcome bit of news.

A quick look out first thing saw 13 species within five minutes and included our regular female Blackcap (Browncap?)

I am expecting the pond to burst into life very soon as after a heavy shower of rain last weekend, I found a frog hopping around.   With the flora, many of the hedgerow plants are just about to burst into leaf, and the Bluebell stalks look like they are starting to show as well.

Well I think we have done pretty well on the blog this week for images with a lot of fantastic stuff from Dave from Japan, plus lots of Barn Owls and the Lesser Scaup from me.

In my next posting, I will bring you some test shots from the 5Dmk2 when compared with the 7D.  My thoughts on the first result?s - inconclusive in terms of any significant differences - other than the crop factor, for the type of shots I used it in.  Which is good to be honest.  Consistency is a nice thing to have, and with the common-ing up on those platforms I now only have to worry about one battery type, and one menu system.  With the previous mix of 1Dmk3, 5D and 7D I was on three different battery systems and three different menu systems.  With the C1 to C3 settings, I have also set the 5D2 up in the same way as the 7D, as far as is possible to do of course, as the 7D AF system has a lot more options to it.

The other main change is the need for bigger cards.  I guess I already knew that with the 7D but the 5Dmk2 just confirms it even more.  On previous bodies, I tended to stick to 4gig Sandisk Extreme 111 cards, but the 7D was challenging them in terms of numbers of images.  The 5D just makes it worse, so I have started to transition to the 8 gig versions as my first choice card now.  It still only gets 237 RAW images on it when set to ISO400.


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