Monday 28 February 2011

A blog first - 7D video - Great Spotted Woodpecker

So here is a blogging first for us, and my first attept at using the video function on the 7D.

This lovely female Great Spotted Woodpecker likes our garden, and in particluar the fat/suet/seeed/nut mix that I have put in the crevices on my Silver Birch feeding tree.

Not a brilliant video -  bit shaky, on board mike so I set the focus, and switched the gyros off on the 500 in order to silnce that.

I need to spend some time finding out about video editing software and techniques.  This is like starting all over from ten years ago with Photoshop Elements!!  The file is too large and wont be any good trying to watch from your Android phones (or iPhones if you havent caught up with the better smart phones yet) - so I need to work out the best save format.  Any ideas or tips would be welcome as comments.

PS Loved the noisy Robin shouting over the top of it all


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