Friday, 11 February 2011

Japan Travelogue-Days 1+2

My first day in Japan was a relaxing affair with a stroll around the town with Pete, Boy its a busy place-People everywhere, We went into a couple of camera shops including Yodabashi-The biggest camera store in the Japan but far from the cheapest, Train travel was interesting and slightly intimidating,We met some Japanese photographers in a park in Tokyo as we were walking through it near a small lake, Most used Canon gear and their main target was a common Kingfisher, One of the guys had some very nice images of the KF both perched and in-flight, If we have some spare time we will try our luck there, Most of the photographers were using an attachment on the hotshoe that turned out to be a lazer type target, I will add some details of it later on as we found a few versions of it at the CP+ camera show and may be a good accessory for shooting birds in flight, In the afternoon Pete popped out and so i set up in his living room and took some images of the Japanese white eye which visit his garden to feed on some bread, A small pretty bird that is quite flighty, The light was low and i used ISO 800 and 1600, We found a british pub and did the tourist thing and eat our own countries food, The beer special was called 'Fucking Hell'-we gave it a miss
Today we again went by train to the CP+ camera show, Our main aim was to see the new Canon Lenses in particular the 200-400, As i thought the 200-400 was in a glass cabinet along with the 500 and 600 lenses although there were some 500 and 600 lenses out on tripods so although you could look through the lens you could not pick them up to see how light they were, The 200-400 looks but not be bigger than the Nikon version and didnt look much smaller than the 500F4, Its not the prettyist of lenses with the large bulge on the back where the 1.4x goes, You can clearly see the lever that drops the 1.4x into place,The camera show was not a huge affair and had lots of 3D stuff,
We are off to Hokkaido tomorrow for the the main part of my trip here-10 days to get the cranes,Swans and Eagles plus whatever else happens to pass by


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  1. Just found your Blog, Like it. I am interested in the laser type device you mentioned on Day 1/2. You indicated that you were going to provide more info, but I haven't found it yet. Any chance you will do so?

    Thanks and am enjoying your blog.