Saturday, 26 February 2011

Frog Blog '11 - Part 1 - They are back and at it

With the long cold Winter releasing its grip, and some rain last weekend, I saw my first active Frog  for a while.

A couple of nights ago, it was wonderful to listen to the night time frog chorus, and they have been going at it each night.  Twos, threes and even fours together mating.  Walking round the garden in the dark, I had to be careful where I walked as they are all over the place at the moment.

It was raining last night so I took the little Panasonic P & S out to capture a couple of record snaps.  Using a small torch held in my mouth helped the AF work in the dark

As well as the frogs, the pond is now very much alive with dozens of Smooth Newts as well as they too come out of the dormant period of the winter.

I will hopefully take a bit of time to set up with the 5D, macros and a couple of flashguns to get some much better shots in the near future.

Guess it won't be too long before we have spawn.

BTW - forgot to mention - also another two garden first ticks this week - a pair of Tawny Owls and a very noisy Little Owl - fabulous to hear both species



  1. Martin this all sounds great - the Title Frog Blog made me smile, great to wake up to on Saturday morning.

  2. THanks Mark. They are really wonderful to watch and listen to, although they were hushed up last night as it had gone colder again.