Thursday, 17 February 2011

Japan Travelogue-Day 6

Today we managed a more civilised start, We managed some breakfast before heading off to Lake Kussharo for a couple of days shooting whopper swans, The lake is large but mainly frozen except for areas where hot springs keep the edges warm, The swans congregate there and are fed by locals with grain, there are mountains in the distance and all in all its very scenic, Much more so than anywhere else we have been since we have been here, the swans are easy to get close to and we spent alot of time on our tummies very close to the swans, i started with the 24-70 and even got some decent birds in flight with it but also shot with the 200-400 when trying to single a bird or couple out, So far the accommodation has been great, Better than we had expected and hats off to Pete for getting it sorted, We spent a couple of hours driving around the area and then back to the Swans for the sunset period, we had met with a tour guide called Mark Brazil earlier on in our trip at Kushiro and met again today, He has been very kind  by sharing his knowledge and gave us some tips on an area with a lot of wildfowl so we will go there tomorrow morning, No doubts our paths will cross again in a couple of days when we go to Rausu for the Stellers Eagles, The weather has been great-cold but very clear, We stayed until after dark and watched as a red fox walked past us without a care, We hope to get some shots before we leave, Photography wise things are quite easy, I have my camera set in manual and have spot metered off of the snow and have added around 2 stops to make the snow nice and white then its just a matter of firing away, So far the trip has exceeded our expectations and i hope that that continues,


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