Sunday, 27 February 2011

Japan Travelogue-Day 15+16

I have had a lazy couple of days recouping from the time in Hokkaido, I have been busy behind the laptop sorting through the mass of images and getting a few processed for the blog and my website, I have had a sore throat as well so am being careful that it doesnt get any worse for when we go to the Japanese Alps for the snow monkeys, We are off early tomorrow leaving Tokyo station on the Bullet train which will be fun, The plan is to get to the Monkeys around lunchtime and then spend 2.5 days shooting them, Its a 1.6km walk with the gear to where the monkeys are so i am scaling down the kit somewhat, I think a wide angle, A mid telephoto and the 200-400 should cover pretty much everything along with the flash and tripod
Here are a few crane images from Hokkaido