Monday 7 February 2011

New Canon Gear

Canon made some significant announcements today in the way of new gear, A couple of the low end camera bodies have been updated, A couple of small flashguns but then the really interesting stuff-Big lenses, We have known for some time that the whole range of long telephotos are being replaced/updated with lighter versions but the big surprise is the announcement of a totally new 200-400 (wonder where they got the idea of that focal length from ) which has a built in 1.4x, Look at the image and you will see the hump on the side, I am not sure of the idea behind it as they have just announced a new 1.4x but i guess it will make it quicker to use and stop any dust getting in , The long telephotos have a considerable weight saving which will be a big benefit and will mean that the 600 should now be hand holdable which will be amazing, Canon should have had some of the big lenses available already but seem to have had some problems and they have still to reach those with deep pockets who pre ordered them, Prices are huge, the 500mm will retail at $9500 and the 600mm will be $12000 which is a massive increase over the current model, but glass has always been the best place to put your photographic money as they hold their value much better then any camera body,
I leave for Japan early tomorrow and may make it to the Yokohama show at the end of the week, If i make it there i will report back-hopefully with some images
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