Friday 4 February 2011

A very quick quickie

Its Friday night and its the weekend - once again we have grey and wet weather forecast so the chances with the camera are looking slim once more.

I have started running again, after a break for a while so at least I get to see and hear quite a bit of wildlife on my early morning runs.

A controversial plan has been announced in England to cull corvids to protect songbirds.  Well I for one am strongly against this.  Man interfering with indigenous nature is the not the way in my book, unless it is dealing with invasive introduced species like grey squirrel, mink or signal crayfish.  As a lover of all corvids I really hope this does not happen.  I don't believe the science is proven -  particularly when it is carried out by those with 'Game' interests.  We only have to look at the Hen Harrier situation in Northern England and Scotland to see how well they fare on 'Game' land.

A few of my bits of kit are about to end their auction on eBay as I type this with the 1Dmk111 and MR14 EX at this time on Saturday, so it is not too late to make a bid.  The 7D plus BGE 7 battery grip will go on soon, but still available if you want to contact me - I might separate as long as I can sell the 7D first.

Update: All kit except 7D body now sold - will put that body on eBay Sunday 6th Feb

So hope you all have a great weekend - I am off to break open the Guinness and watch the start of the 6 Nations Rugby - the best ball sport there is (IMHO) and hopefully see the English Rose overcome the Welsh Dragons.

Back next time with news of new kit coming this way!!


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