Thursday, 10 February 2011

Buying and Selling Gear - Part 3

Just after I had written my blog last night telling you that the 1Dmk3 had found a new home in Scotland (kind of coincidental as my old mark2N was sold to a guy in Scotland too), I received a message saying that the new owner was only getting about three shots in four, with the fourth coming up with a yellow flagged error message.  After what happened to my work colleague with the 5D, I was wondering if there was a jinx at work.

Now I knew it was fine when it left me so I suggested that a card swap might do the trick.

Happily for me and the new owner, it resolved the issue and I can rest easily again.  The card he was using was a Fuji card, and I suspected that it was struggling to keep up with the speed of the camera.  

One of the challenges of selling second hand kit I guess.

So onto buying kit.

Wanna know how to get a Canon 1Dmk1V for about £2600 to £2700 ?  I was briefly tempted,  for about as longs as it takes a 1D to get off five shots, that is.

The Canon UK ebay outlet auctions off its refurbed stock - or B stock as it is known.  Now this stuff has been fully factory refurbed and comes with 12 months warranty - so you are in with a good chance, and if it is a dog you can send it back I would guess (Let buyer beware of the Terms and Conditions though - dont take my word for it)

I watched two get sold today for the numbers I said, and there is another one here still with a couple of days to go, although the price it is at at the moment hasnt changed for a few days

It is a mighty bargain if you are prepared to go this route - from a camera that was £4500 less a penny about twelve months ago, if you could get one!!



  1. I better start saving!! That's a pretty good deal

  2. I have bought from the outlet before, if the goods you buy don't work then you send it back and they refund, however it does mean you have to bid again on another auction (if there is one available). That is how I got a 1d MK111, sent first unit back second was fine.