Sunday 14 March 2010

Worth getting out of bed for

I really do love this time of year.  Lighter mornings and more prevalent bird song.

I got myself out of bed early yesterday morning and went for a couple of hours wander around another part my local patch.  I didnt bother with the camera - just me and the binos.

What a treat - still hundreds of Redwings and Fieldfare.  I guess with the colder winter that we have had this year that they are now working their way back north again.

Song thrushes were blasting out their varied and repetitive song, and a few Mistle Thrush were seen hopping around too.

Wood Pigeon are in flocks of 50's and 100's as they start taking some of the early growth off the crop tops.  The reverberating reports of 12 gauge shotguns rang out as  various farmers try to protect their crops.

Great and Blue Tits are engaged in courtship with flight chases and much chattering between them in the hedgerows.

I aslo saw a couple of Hare, the funniest sight was one running at full tilt across an open field, with a Raven about ten yards behind making its croaky calls, as if it was goading the hare to run faster.

I mentioned on my last post with the Male Sparrowhawk images that I hadnt seen the female for a while.

Well I had just sat down in my lounge with a cup of tea and my breakfast after my walk when I saw the bird fly down into my neighbours hedging actively chased and mobbed by four noisy crows.  She didnt stay long as she was soon harried away.

So if you haven't made the effort to get out early this year, it is time you should, you won't regret it.


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