Tuesday 23 March 2010

Computer bits

Following on from Martins blog yesterday i thought i would add a few bits and bobs, I too had a lot of virus problems a few months ago-nearly made me go to a mac it was that bad but i came to my senses and got the problems resolved, I added a new anti virus called trend micro and paid a little extra for an engineer to dial into my PC and sort the problems out, I also use Defraggler which is free which as it sounds defrags the hard drive and another free software called CCleaner which checks your system and gets rid of any crap-i got 16 MB back on my laptop!!! and i also cleaned the registry with it, Once i had given the PC and laptop a run through with these programs everything run much better, When i stop buying lenses (the new 16-35 should arrive today) my next purchase will be a top speck PC, I know what i want but it going to mean digging deep but like Martin says the files are getting bigger and bigger so its a must have rather than a luxury


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