Tuesday 9 March 2010

Photogrind steals Wildlifeacrossthe water material

Photogrind steals http://wildlifeacrossthewater.blogsspot.com    material

 Including one of my images here

Originally posted here back last October

So all you Photogrind readers you can see where all your good material feed  is coming from now



Update:  Clearly this pirate has no clue or shame and does not read the content and has repeated this post verbatim on his website  - at least his reader will see where the material is now sourced.

Dave and I will be looking at our options over this thief in the next day or so


  1. Martin/Dave

    Have no knowledge of this site. Clicked your first link and flicked back a few pages and it's reproduced (at least) on 28/2/10 Martin's female sparrowhawk imagess and text, and Dave's Waxwing and oppossum images and text on 27/2.

    Is this manually retrieved or autobot (aka Google esque) retrieved? Haven't spent long but can't see the point of this site except for the copious click through ads that are festooned all over the pages.

    Current page 1 has picked up Black Sabbath and Lady Gaga/Beyonce!! - quite a specific choice of interests for core readers (?).

    Don't know enough to help you more, but on a positive level I would make sure that in the short term while you monitor, consider:

    > active links in every post (which you mostly do) and
    > perhaps prefix (WPAW reports blah blah)or suffix (ditto)or mention Wildlife Photography Across the Water at least once in the text.

    I'm sure you've already thought of this and more.

    You never know, the true photgraphy punters may get bored rigid with the amount of other c**p that it reports, that you may pick up a number of new Blog followers as result of your in-built Marketing activities!

    Can't comment on the repro of images aspect (probably unlawful as this is replicated without copyright permission as opposed to linking to original source)(I'm not a qualified lawyer), but IMHO all I'd say is that this is a lazy, arrogant, disrespectful and parasitic approach to providing/attracting readership following.

    Won't be bookmarked in my Favourites!

    PS If it helps the Beyonce/Gaga comments were 90% Spanish (or Italian), 5% English and 5% German. Is it Spanish originated?

    Not really sure what "harm" this site could do to you guys, but unlike yours and other photo sites/forums I visit this effort by P********d is truly RANDOM & UNINSPIRATIONAL!

    Hope these rushed comments provide you both with some food for thought/action.


  2. Thanks for your kind comments Julian.

    It is clearly a bot thing as it has posted this post and also another similar such from another blogger, so if he actually has any readers then at least they will be aware he is a thief

    We will follow up certain channels and also as long as we keep a clear message on our posts where the material comes from then as you say it might drive more traffic here


  3. Have raised issue with Google Adsense who this thief is using, along with a direct approach to the Webhoster.

    Will keep you up to speed with developments


  4. I have had problems with theft of copyright in the past and found that getting a resolution isn't as easy as you think it should be without throwing time and money at it. Hope you can get it sorted to your satisfaction.