Sunday 28 March 2010

Great News - The power of the blog

Long term readers of the blog may remember that last year I did a few posts with some images of various orchids species, many of them taken close to where I live.  Sadly, many fine Bee Orchids were chopped down by council employed grass verge cutting contractors.  Now clearly this was an unfortunate accident, but made doubly heart breaking as it had happended twelve months previously.  Now I ran the story here on the blog which was also picked up by The Stratford Herald, our local newspaper.

I also contacted the Warwickshire Principal Wildlife Officer to bring this to the notice of the County authorities.

Well the great news is that I was asked to go to a  recent meeting of a number of interested parties to discuss the care of these wonderful wild flowers.  Sadly, I was unable to attend as I was poorly, but I have now received a marked up map with all the locations that are going to be protected.  Some bits are missing, so I will add these and return them.

So it will be with hopefully much better coordination and planning, we will keep them throughout their full period of bloom this year.  I will keep the blog informed.


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  1. Martin,

    That's reminded me to protect ours better this year from over exuberant staff armed with Strimmers and Mowers.