Wednesday 17 March 2010

Softly Softly-softboxes

I have had some good comments on the opossums that i have been shooting over the last few weeks but a couple of people mentioned that the light from the flashguns is quite harsh, So i had a trawl through the internet to see what people where using and recommending, There are various light diffusers around but as i was going to using these outside the stofen/gary fong types didnt seem appropriate and i dont have enough space for bouncing light off of reflectors so i looked at softboxes for flashguns and the one that seemed to fit the bill was the Lumiquest softbox III, Not too expensive and easy to use and store, Just stick the supplied velcro to the 4 sides of your flashguns and stick the softbox to it-easy and quite sturdy and afterwards it folds flat, Last night was the first chance that i had to use the 2 softboxes that i purchased from B+H, I used these on the front 2 lights and had a normal flash for the background, The softboxes take away 1.5-2 stops of light so i needed to position them close to the set up to get enough power to light the area, This also helps with the flash recycle times, I only had an hour or so as i had other plans but luckily enough an opossum appeared for 10 mins and allowed me some shots, I still have some fine tuning to do but so far so good

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