Sunday 14 March 2010


OK apologies for the corny headline, but thought I would do a number of posts this year on the progress of the frogs in my garden pond.

I woke a few up last weekend while doing a load of clearance work in one part of the garden.  There were three adult sleepy frogs, so I relocated them into the pond, where I had seen at least one moving.  I placed them at the edge and watched to see if that's where they wanted to go and sure enough they did, and swam to the depths.

Today while continuing that work I disturbed four little froglets, probably lasts years.  So I took these to the pond too, and again in the hopped.

It was while looking out of the window this morning, I saw an unfamiliar shape sticking up in the open water of the pond.  A quick scan with the binos revealed it to be the first mating pair of the year.

On closer inspection, I also saw two additional couples.

So I should be expecting the first clutches of spawn fairly soon.  Last year I observed at least ten mating adults and will now be listening out late at night for the croaking chorus.

Will keep you posted on the frogblog


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  1. Hi Martin, I'd never have thought that we'd have frog spawn here on Unst before you guys down south, saw our first lot on Weds.


  2. It was only just over a week ago that we stopped getting ice on the pond Rob, so I guess they are bit sleepy still