Friday 12 March 2010

Another new garden visitor

Just for our 'friends' at Photogrind, this post has been stolen from without our permission, so pop across to our blog and see the real thing.

Anyway, regular readers, after I shared the juvenile female Sparrowhawk image here with you a couple of weeks back, I chopped down all the offending clutter on the plum tree, most of which is now dead in case she came back.

Well I haven't seen her since, but the male came in.

Clearly a mature bird from the colour of the eyes. In  Accipiters,  Sparrowhawks or Goshawks, the eye colouring can be a clue to the age of the bird.  The younger they are the more yellow they are and the older the bird the deeper orange they are.  I have never seen this written down in a book but was reliably informed by a falconer of this some years back

Anyway, here are a few images for you to enjoy.  Sadly, I could do with the leylandii hedge moving back about fifteen feet, but I am stuck with what I have.


As you will see the colours are completely different on the back and also with the chestnut flank, and if you followed my thread on megapixels and cropping, I could also easily tell he is also much smaller

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