Saturday 20 March 2010

Frogblog Pt 11

So the naughty stuff has commenced.  Much mating activity is being seen and heard.  Great frog chorus at night time now with quite a few singing males.  I am now seeing up to 8 frogs popping their heads up out of the water

They are all very nervous at the moment and easily scatter below the surface before you have a chance to get to close with a camera. 

However, I did get some interesting shots this morning which I will post as soon as my main PC is out of intensive care.  It is currently poorly having been virused and undergoing loving care. Maybe I should have shot in jpeg.

On a wider view, Blackbird wars have started and lots of territorial scraps are kicking off.  Plenty of regular sightings of a couple of Blackbirds and a Song Thrush collecting wet vegetation from around the pond for nest building along with lots of Goldcrest song from the conifers, although only a couple of sightings.

As Dave said last week, Spring has well and truly sprung now.

Back later with images


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