Monday 8 March 2010

Surprise Garden Visitor

After we got back from our Saturday walk, and I was getting on with some decorating work, I noticed an unusual garden visitor.

I quickly ran upstairs and grab the 7D and the nearest lens, a 300f4 and got these two grab shots, through glass.

Well this fox is a mangy specimen, particularly on it's back, where it has no fur and very hard crusty skin.

It wandered down to the little pond and had a good drink, while just looking around the garden in between sips, before it hopped back up on to the fence and cleared off.

Not brilliant photographs, with very harsh light, but pleased to get the record of it.

About 30 minutes after these were taken, next door's chickens walked into the garden......lucky escape!


1 comment:

  1. Great to have in the garden, You should be able to get some mange tabs at the vets-leave some dog food out with it in,looks like its not too late for this fox-maybe cubs around in the next couple of months