Wednesday 10 March 2010

Nikon on the marketing spend ascendancy

By the time you read this, Focus on Imaging will either be on it's last day or have come and gone.

Even though I work at the venue, I haven't bothered going in this year as there is nothing I need to spend my money on there, particularly as most things can now be got from Amazon more cheaply these days or I tend to support my Pro dealer for the larger items.

But walking through the venue yesterday, I noticed loads of Nikon ads - banners, posters sites and massive great 40 foot hoardings on the drive in but nothing from Canon at all.

Crappy phone pictures for you



  1. Martin

    I haven't visited this year either, however based on your observations and images it would seem that Nikon have capitalised on the D3 and especially D3s of late. 3 reasons spring to mind:

    > D3s is unapproachable for noise at ISO 2000 (USP)(even brand new 1D4 is widely confirmed a stop or so behind);
    > A certain well known wildlife photographer adores the D3s leading him to:
    > Shoot regularly and recently at ISO2000 with no noise complaints whatsoever;
    > Feature in a current D3s ad on Nat Geo Wild;
    > Give extremely popular and well attended daily talks on the Nikon stand at Focus on Imaging 2010.

    Can't comment on whether the investment is paying off, but I would say IMHO that:

    > IMHO it's an effective and powerful marketing plan;

    > Canon should not remain complacent, because "increasingly visible" pro's can/will have an influence on top tier product buyers and this will dissipate down the ranks to the overall reputation of the Brand at Joe Public consumer level. Mr P may be doing it for binos/scopes, Mr R may be doing it for cameras.

    Canon need to take note and lead not follow.

    They've clawed back some territory with the 7D in an important sector. The 1D4 shows promise, but IMHO the next release of 1 series and xxD is vital to Canon if it is to regain the Crown.

    I won't be changing yet, I just love the ergonomics of Canon bodies at the mo, and my investment in lenses plus the fact that my livelihood is not dependent on my images, means that Canon will keep me for the mo, but I'm constantly watching that space! Others will have different priorities and may act differently.....

    Kind regards

  2. Here in Australia it's about 50:50 Nikon & Canon. I've always had Nikon, but a lot of new guys prefer Canon gear.