Monday 15 March 2010

Its Official

Spring has sprung, The clocks went forward here on Saturday and the weather is now pleasant and warm, I went for a walk around my local lake at the weekend and the turtles are coming out of hibernation and warming themselves on the logs in the water and the lake edges, There are a lot of geese and mallards on the lake and at this time of year they get territorial and that leads to fighting which can lead to some nice images so today i spent a few hours strolling around with my D3 and 200-400 just shooting whatever happened along, I started off shooting a close in heron that was fishing and then shot the geese and turtles, I spent some time shooting the breeze with a local photographer called John before heading back, I haven't shot the opossums for a few evenings but have been watching them from the house so i will continue with them tonight

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