Sunday 30 October 2011

Welcome guests

Although we are in the new house it seems that the work has just started, Both my wife and myself are absolutely knackered and there still seems hundreds of boxes to unpack and desks etc to put together, The fall colours around Falls lake are gorgeous, I will try and pop down there this evening is the weather holds out, It has rained hard for the last couple of days and today i awoke to the first frosts of the year which will add to the colour, Last night i watched a fox feeding in the garden which is great, They have found the food quickly and i will keep it up now until the are confident and coming at a regular time, I wish i could say about the bird feeders which have sat there unloved for the last few days, It will only take one bird to trigger it off and i remember waiting for 3 weeks for the first birds to feed in my garden in France but when it started it went mad, I hope they start soon and the cold weather should keep them looking for more.
I have to say that its great being in our new home, Its beautifully built and the setting is lovely, We had a nice welcome pack from the neighbours with wine and chocolates and a gift for our dog, So far so good,


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