Tuesday 4 October 2011

Rumours and Anticipation

It finally looks like there may be the first pro Nikon body announced since all the problems in Japan earlier this year, The spec of the long anticipated D800 are starting to filter through, Rumours that Canons 5DMK3 will replace the 1DS MK4 are now being followed by Nikon as the 36MP D800 may replace the D3X, I think we are now getting to a stage where numbers will be meaningless, If Nikon do bring out a 36mp D800 and Canon bring out a say 45mp 5D3 so what, Image quality and dynamic range will be where people will be looking closet at as well as low light performance, If the rumours are correct and Nikon bring out a D800 version without an AA filter then its shows its nipping at the heals of the medium format body and images should look blindingly sharp straight out of the camera, Would i be interested in such a beast-well yes as i want to get more involved in landscapes and studio work but it would not replace the D3s and i like having a cropped sensor with the D7000, Many will say that you could crop big time with a 36mp file but i have always shyed away from that mentality, If i have 36mp i like to keep them all or at least 90%, Time will tell but i think this could be the opening of the flood gates, Canon should announce the 5D3 late this year if what we read is true and with the Olympics some time next year it means that Nikons D4 should be out early next year at the latest
On a personal note the house is moving forward, We have an inspection on Friday which being a new house should not be a problem and everybody is set for a 27th Oct closing, This is good and bad, the good is that i will be in a nice house with a great garden, the bad is that i have just had to cancel the trip to the smokys as i have too much to sort out in such a small amount of time and with 1.4 acres i will need a boy toy (sit on mower), I will have to concentrate on the autumn colours closer to home, I went to the house yesterday and walked the garden, The woodland surrounding it is very dense but you can clearly see corridors where animals pass from one side to the other, I spent time looking at where to put my hides and where the best backgrounds will be, The is a small alleyway through the trees at the back and i think that this will be a good place for nigh time multi-flash photography, Good images take some preparation and fore thought as well as time for the animals and birds to get used to where the baited areas are, It should be a busy month getting things sorted but after that i have unlimited time for photography and can get back on track

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