Saturday 15 October 2011

Attracting certain birds

Getting birds and animals into your garden is not difficult by baiting but certain birds can be very difficult to attract like waxwings that come down into the Carolinas for the winter, They are berry eaters full stop and only certain berries will fit the bill so today i am off to the garden center to get cost for juniper bushes of which there are already about 10 small ones on the property and some holly bushes which i know they love as i photographed some last year eating the berrys from them, In Europe we have a tree called a mountain ash and these are great for attracting winter birds, So far i have not managed to find any here but i will continue to look, If all goes well next winter will see waxwing,robin and bluebirds spending the winter around my property, Forward thinking is needed in alot of wildlife photography and with these bushes and trees it will enhance the look of the property so a win win situation


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