Friday 28 October 2011

We are in

Finally and seems like forever we are in our new home, It seems that nothing is easy here when purchasing in a house and the signing was held up for hours as under writers held back and back and then back some more, I was told that every closing has been this way for a long time and some have been held back for days forcing people to get hotels, Its ridiculous, Its a shame that they did not do this a few years ago instead of allowing anybody to have huge mortgages even if they did not have a job-anyways its job done and now time to unpack and get settled
Last night my wife and i sat in the screened porch after a very long couple of days and popped open a bottle of bubbly, The dog gave a growl and we could see a large female white tailed deer in the garden going for the corn that i had put out, Its great to have that kind of wildlife so close,
The bird feeders have now gone out so time to sit back and await our first arrivals



  1. Good luck in the new house and heres hoping the wildlife is good.

  2. Congrats Dave, I'm sure you are both very relieved and it will be a load off your minds - now the work starts :)