Monday 31 October 2011

WWT Slimbridge Day Trip Part 3 - last bit

My days out to Slimbridge are usually spent photographing the wildfowl from the wild hides capturing the sorts of birds in my last post. But when I went a couple of weeks back, the water levels were low and there were very few close in birds to photograph.

So taking a walk to the western end of the reserve to the Kingfisher hide (no Kingfishers ) I set about getting some images of common garden birds. Yes, the sort of thing I get regularly in my back garden.

I haven't put much time into these common little birds over the recent past, so I set about to rectify that.

Lots of sightings of various Tits, Finches and a delightful Reed Bunting, which sadly didn't pose in a suitable place for me.

But here are a few common birds, that always give me great pleasure to watch.

Back next time with Red and Fallow Deer from Bradgate Park for you


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