Thursday 27 October 2011

A few random thoughts

Just a few disconnected thoughts from me to share with you today.

Firstly, the weather here in the UK. Just what the heck has been going on in our part of the world. Once again, unbelievably dry until today, when I have a day off work!! But a consequence of that has been the total lack of fungi this year in my favourite haunts. I was really hoping a few weeks ago that this would be a good year, but with the the very occasional show on one of two non descript fungi, it has been the poorest year that I can remember since I have had a photographic interest in them.

Maybe it the rain of today, and the cooler temperatures things might change.

I guess many of our UK readers will have seen the new BBC natural history series, Frozen Planet, that was on last night. Wow what a stunning HD spectacle it is. Reading through my twitter feed last night afterwards, it seems many were live tweeting the events, judging by the comments about the 'poor seal' that got dragged off the ice by Orca. The pack hunting of these creatures was stunning, and if you haven't seen it, then get it iPlayer. Some tough scenes and the tweets reflected that. I guess if Killer whales were called something a little less dramatic, they would get a better press. I certainly admired the resolute filming by the guys less than a metre away as they came through the ice hole.

While I am on about twitter, please let us know how many of you have a twitter id as it would be good to see your daily thoughts through that media. I know many people don't use it, but I find it invaluable for a lot of wildlife sightings and information. There are too many to id on hear, but check out who I follow here, and there are some good wildlife people and photographers on there. Our last guest photographer blog was by that route. My id is @martind01 . Leave us your id via the comments.

With the next few days off, I am hoping to get out with the camera a bit more so looking forward to sharing some of the recent material I have got plus some I am hoping for.

One final good news story I picked up yesterday was here with a wind farm planning application not being permitted due to Hen Harriers. Good to see these scars on the landscape being refused.

Best of luck to Dave today with his move. It can be a stressful time.

Back next time with some pictures.


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