Saturday 22 October 2011

Deer Rut Season Pt 1

The deer rut season is well underway, as viewers of BBC Autumnwatch will have seen last night..  I took a trip up to Bradgate Park this morning at first light, and joined the many photographers.  Bradgate has mixed herds of both Fallow and Red Deer.  Naturally it was the large Red Stags that most people were trying to capture images of, and I was no different.

The sounds and sights were marvellous, but of course, it wasn't the Highlands of Scotland, but beggars can't always be choosers, as the saying goes.  I will blog about that experience in a forthcoming blog.

However, I am now in the rare position, at least recently anyway, of having to catch the blog up with images that I have been taking.

Last Saturday, I went to WWT Slimbridge, and have a number of images to process from there.  When you see those, I am sure you will be surprised.

But for today, and with the title of this blog in mind, I have a couple of deer images for you.

Last Sunday evening, I took myself across to the local park which supports a large head of Fallow deer.  (I took Dave there a couple of years back) as the sun was going down and grabbed a few images of this lovely buck with his does.

Taken with 7D, + 500f4 IS L (mark1)

Back next time with some birds from Slimbridge



  1. Martin,

    The first images is simply stunning and inspiring. I love catching up with your blog and if Im honest this has probably been the longest Ive left it due to me chasing my shots.

    Keep it up gents - I always look forward to them, fantastic read - Martin get your holiday dates sorted! I can take you photographing some Eagles of a different kind!

  2. Love the light and pose on the second one Martin.