Monday 17 October 2011

My Head Hurts

Well we thought that things were going smoothly, The mortgage is agreed and sorted,The phone,internet,power,gas and insurances have all been quoted and agreed and the movers etc have all been booked, We found at late last week that there was a drainage problem and the builder assured us that it was to do with the irrigation system and it had been leaking for months, The water was turned off and we have a landscape company dig the garden up and put in some extra drainage pipes, It started to dry over the weekend, We went there yesterday with a friend to have a look around and there was a couple of guys looking at the drainage ditch or easement that runs along the side of the land, It seems that they were with the department of transport as the roads which are new are about to be taken over by the county, They pointed out that there was a problem with the drainage easement and that they would have to redo it, I asked who would be liable to pay and they said it would either be the owner or the home association, So the red light pops up and there are some warning signs-why is nothing here bloody easy, I now have a meeting with the builder this afternoon and we have to come to an agreement one way or the other-we may walk away if we are not happy with what is said and be back to square -1, One thing that you notice here is that seems to be a lack of job satisfaction , Take for example the landscapers, They dig channels in the garden and relay the turf without tamping it down and then leave mud all over the path and drive, Its just typical of what you seem to get here,
Anyway back to the blog, As you can tell the cameras have gone back into hibernation although we did go and waste money at the state fair yesterday to try and get away from it all, All i can say is that if you like being ripped off and eat deep fried cheesecake,mars bars,pizza and bubblegum-yes all deep fried then this is the place for you, There was a Ferris wheel that i hoped to go and get a shot of after dark but ti was soo busy i couldn't get near, I will go back and shoot from the road later this week, Here is one shot i took with my wifes compact that sums it all up

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  1. Oh dear Dave.....sounds like a nightmare!

    The deep fried stuff just sounds disgusting.