Thursday 13 October 2011

My Take

Martin mentioned that there are rumours of a New Canon body coming out soon, So according to the rumour mill Nikon are becoming Canon and Canon are doing a Nikon, By that i mean that the Nikon rumours are for a new D800 with 36mp and Canon turning the 1D into a full frame body lowish MP body (wonder where they got that idea). Now they are only rumours and so far this year ALL have been wrong, If you read the Nikon rumours its only really the name that they are sure of and most other details like the MP count are guesses but they are enough to start people squabbling on the forums and lots of 'well if they do that i am off to Canon' good luck with that one, Nikon tend to renew their pro range every 4 years with maybe an S model in the middle which would be a face lift rather than anything else so i would not be too surprised if the D800 broke the Nikon mold and had a high pixel count, Marketing wise it would stop taking sales away from the D3 which i am certain that the D700 did, But the D700 has become a classic and much loved for its size,speed and focusing system all for a great price so would Nikon want to stop that, Its been a huge seller, Would a 36mp camera sell as well?-i doubt it
Canon on the other hand have like to have a 1.3 crop in the 1D series and i have heard a lot of people say that they want to keep that rather than go full frame, Well having a D3s i can honestly say that FF cameras are a revelation when it comes to light gathering and the D3s has opened up lots of new possibilities, Now i don't know if a Canon FF 16-18mp body would be as good-it should be, If you are a nature photographer then yes get the new 1D FF body but you will also want a cropped body as well-i do and cant see that changing, The other thing that i think strange about the Canon rumour is that they are quoting 16-18mp when the 1D4 is already 16mp, I would have thought that going FF and having around 24mp they could have a similar ISO capability to the existing 1D, Now if the 1D5 does come out what ever happened to the 1DS4?, I am guessing that that series may be dropped as the ever popular 5D2 bastardized the 1DS sales and i am sure that we will see a high MP 5D3 out sooner rather than later-36mp anybody?
What we know for sure is that they are still only rumours so there is a possibility that nothing will be announced, The prices will be high and they will be rarer than a Canon 200-400 for a long time, If they do come out the forums will be a wash with people saying they have
A. Too many pixels
B. Too few pixels
C. Focusing problems
D, Leaving Nikon for Canon,Pentax,Sony and Vise Versa

Either way it gives people something to talk about and after all the problems in Japan and Thailand this year i hope that Nikon and Canon do manage to bring us some new Xmas presents and that are huge sellers

p.s The house is now full steam ahead, All the paperwork has been ok'd and its now a rush to the finish line-i.e 27th so only 2 weeks

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  1. On CR not so long ago, they were stating 'no new DSLR this year'. Now they are saying Tuesday !

    Personally I got bored waiting .........