Wednesday 26 October 2011

Moving on

Lol to Martins last post, I remember it well, Good friends, Good times-shame about the MK3 which really did show its limitations at Gigrin that weekend, I will have to take a look through my archives as i know that we all got some good images that weekend, Sometimes its not all about the shot and spending time with friends that you dont see too often is whats important.
My home internet gets turned off tonight as we finally pack up here, We move on Thursday and 99% of our gear will be packed up tomorrow, I am not sure when the new house will have internet so i will to pop into Starbucks to give updates
We met with the builder today and he said that there were 6 deer in the garden when he arrived this morning, I could hear a Kingfisher at the pond although i could not see it through the trees so all good signs


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