Thursday 6 October 2011

Primos Double Bull Blind/Hide

You may remember that i mentioned that i had ordered a new blind a few weeks ago, Its sat in its bag since it arrived although i did quickly put it up in the apartment which pretty much filled the living room, Primos double bull blinds are pretty much the Rolls Royce of blinds here in the States, Not cheap compared to others but you can feel the quality, Its not canvas but feels similar, I have read a few reviews where there are complaints about getting it up but if you have had a cube type blind before you will know how to put one up in a couple of minutes, When its set up all the sides are very rigid so no flapping about in the breeze, The thing i like about the double bull is that the windows are silent rather tan zips and velcro, The front and sides have a pull up continuous window with some camo netting and the back has windows with a clip up black flap, There are windows in the roof as well so good if you are getting hot or want to shoot say a woodpeckers nest,The blind is pretty big and you can easily have 2 or 3 guys shooting at the same time
Comes in a handy carry bag
3/4 view showing front and side pull up window and back windows

Door is on a corner
Strong construction

Individual windows on back have a clip up silent window cover

Windows in roof
This is a quality well thought out product that i am sure will stand the test of time, The only thing that i would like is a window or two at ground level but as these are designed for hunters thats not going to happen


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