Sunday 2 October 2011


I apologize for the naff blogs of late, You may have gathered that my life has been far from calm but there is now a light at the end of the tunnel, In the last few days i have covered hundreds of miles and looked at numerous houses and areas, Today we made and offer on a new house with 1.4 acres of land and after a small amount of negotiation we finally secured it, We have asked to move fast and have a date of Oct 27th, I am back at the house tomorrow (Sunday) for a measure up and to have a good look around the land to see where the blinds and feeders will be located, The land will be mainly used for bird photography during the day and fox,opossum and raccoon at night, There is quite a bit of farmland not far away and i will be knocking on some doors with the hope of being allowed to photograph deer there, The community where the house is has 2 ponds with the smaller looking perfect for dragonflies etc so all in all i can only say that i am very pleased and hope to get some better blogs in very soon


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