Saturday 29 October 2011

WWT Slimbridge Day Trip Part 2

Following on from my part 1 report here, here are a few more images from that day.

Nothing particularly special; but a few more images to share with you.

Incoming Tufted Drake

A couple of Great Crested Grebe,

Cheeky Grey Squirrel after the nuts at the feeding station

I have a few more common bird shots from this part of the reserve to come next time. Again, nothing special or rare, just some quite nice shots of common garden birds, a subject I have overlooked for much of this year.

I also had a cracking day at Wesonbirt Arboretum (home of the BBC Autumnwatch for the first four episodes this season, before they head off to Slimbridge next week) yesterday morning, with some really wonderful misty light, so I shall look forward to sharing some special shots from that visit on future blogs.


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