Wednesday 19 October 2011

A quickie

Two quick things as an extra blog today.

Following on from our Canon 1DX blogs, seems like the UK starting price is going to be £5299 at the moment, although it wont be available until next March.  So at least it is the right side of 6K, but still very high nevertheless.  If you want to wait for the silly entry price to drop, as it ineveitably will, then you are looking at about a years time.  It will be interesting to see where the price gets to.  In any case, I will not be moving away from the 7D/5mk2 body combo for the time being as that comfortably meets my needs against what I am prepared to spend.

Meanwhile the Nikonistas are eagerly awaiting their D4 announcement.

The other thing to mention is that we have a great guest blog post tomorrow on Hares, so make sure you check in after 5AM UK time tomorrow


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