Sunday 28 August 2011

Bumper Fungi Season in the UK this year ?

Whilst it has been very dry throughout the summer in most of the UK, the recent wet and cooler weather has triggered off a lot of fungi in my garden overnight.  Not sure of the id yet, but will check it out in my Roger Philips book 'Mushrooms'  -  see link below, and his website here but they are Oak dependant I think as they have come up either on the oak that I have used for the raised beds, and in the grass immediately adjacent to the oak.

But with the amount that has come up, I am hopeful that we might be in for a bumper season this year.

With the seasons appearing to be ahead of their normal stages this year as well buy a week or two, then I shall be taking some earlier trips top the woods than usual.

With the 5Dmk2 with Live view, that I didn't have last year, I shall look forward to getting down, damp and dirty again soon.


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