Saturday 27 August 2011

Come on Irene

Well it can only be described as warm wet and windy, The winds from Hurricane Irene coming in gusts and its pretty much just a miserable day here in Raleigh, Looking at the local news the beaches have been taking the full brunt and they have had nearly a foot of rain, 3 people dead so far and 400 000 people without power and its yet to reach the Outer Banks, We took refuge in an Indian restuarant at lunchtime and i am sure that if we drove 30 miles or so away it would be a lovely sunny day, We have a wind advisery here until mid night-might have some to do with the Indian food, Looks like there will be devastation over the next few days as she goes up the east coast but at least the hurricane is now classed as a category 1 rather than the 4 that was expected
On a wildlife note the seed and hummingbird feeders are up and last night we saw our first hummingbird inspecting the feeders
Keep safe to all those in the hurricanes path, We have found that good stocks of wine,Guiness and Indian food works well


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