Thursday 11 August 2011

Breaking down and packing up

In the last couple of days i have started to break stuff down, The hide/blind that has been in my garden for over a year is down and packed, It bleached so much by the sun that parts of the camo pattern is just about gone, I am not a believer that camo make that much difference and once a hide has been up a couple of weeks the animals are used to it whatever the colour, I think that camo clothing is more about having confidence than anything else and if that's good for you then so be it, I wear camo clothing as i kneel around in the mud and it doesn't show the grass and mud stains, Apart from that camo here is going out clothing, We may be going to a red neck wedding soon and i have been told that the bridesmaids dresses are a mix of camo and orange-i kid you not, Just google 'redneck wedding' and see for yourselves, I slowed the food going out for the night animals about a month ago and although the raccoons sometimes raid the bird feeders they are now rarely seen, I will certainly miss those guys, All of my paperwork for the visas arrived yesterday so i can now get my license and start living again, But apart from that my life seems to be packing and making phone calls, Its strange to think that in one weeks time this house will no longer be ours, But we have moved many times in the last 20 years so its just another step in life and a new beginning,
On a wildlife note i was walking down the street yesterday morning when i spotted something flying directly at me, At first i thought it was a bird,about the size of a sparrow but as it neared the wings looked wrong, It flew straight over me and landed on a nearby house, It was a lune moth, The first i have seen in real life-Huge would be an understatement, I never realized that they were so big ,A real stunner to see-now on my photographic wants life


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