Monday 29 August 2011

Blogging-Does it work

I read an interesting article on a forum the other day asking if people blogged and if they did was it worth it, Most of the comments came back saying that they did not feel that blogs were worth doing and most did not read other peoples blogs-so is there anybody out there??, The consensus was that other social networks like facebook and twitter was the thing to do. I have to say that we have been doing the blog for well over 2 years and although enjoyable it does take some considerable effort to keep it updated everyday with something that is worth reading, Its not possible to shoot everyday or even every other day certainly not for me whilst i am cocooned in an apartment and Martin works 5 days a week, I am quite happy to keep the blog going but must admit it would be nice to have some feedback and some ideas for the future-How about a critique blog once in a while, Send an image in and we will give our honest views one way or the other
Yesterday i drove past a huge lake not too far away called Jordan lake, I have one particular area that i have shot in the past with some success for waders when the water is very low, Well its very low again and its time to don the waders and get down in the mud, Hopefully i will have some images or tales of woe by the end of the week



  1. Dave, Martin, I have read your blog daily since it started and am amazed that you keep coming up with things to write about, it must be very hard indeed.

    One topic that may be of interest is 'does anyone have a successful (legal) way of deterring vermin (cats) from their gardens?' This is, of course, relevant to all of us who prefer to see wild birds.

    Out of interest, I have seen a number of swifts overhead today here in Ipswich (England), I don't think I have seen them this late before.

    David Schenck

  2. Dave & Martin,

    Im a long time fan of your blog and I think its very different and perhaps unique - this comes from a guy who owns and runs a forum for photography - I think its reverse. I think forums have had their days and this is the way forward. The way you pair specialise is bold and intuitive and in my opinion a first.

    Coupled with the fact I have to do a 200 mile round trip to shoot, my current obsession and running a forum, perhaps I don't look in as much as I should, but I do at least once a week and when I do I think its very refreshing - keep it up gents.

    Martin - mines a Guiness Sir!
    I dont shoot much nature, but admire the work you pair produce, Im on a very different journey these days with my photography, check my flickr! I don't think you would want to crit them, Im sure I would bore you to tears with where my 'game' is at.

  3. Hi Dave and Martin, as you know I've been following your blog for a long time also and think you do a cracking 'job' and the amount of knowledge that you guys are willing to share is fantastic. I'm not really into facebook etc so from my own point of view, doing a blog is well worth it from the feedback I get. I only tend to follow blogs of subjects I'm interested in - so I do actually read them - although not every day I must admit. There are days when I also sometimes think, 'is it worth doing ?' I then get a comment from someone either locally or maybe on the phone, who say how much they enjoyed such and such piece I'd done recently, so I then think yes it is worth doing.

    I know we're all guilty of not commenting on a blog, but maybe we should comment more, to make it feel like the blogs are worth doing, if you know what I mean.


  4. Well chaps - an interesting question indeed.

    Does blogging work - IMO it most certainly does.

    Since I started my own, I've read more and more photography related blogs and I've followed yours since it started after Martin first mentioned it way back on a trip to Norfolk (when was that Martin?)

    I admire you for posting every day - that was a tough standard to set for yourselves, but you've kept it up which is impressive.

    I very much enjoyed writing a 'guest' piece for you and that certainly increased traffic on my blog.

    I tend to agree with Mark that forums have had their day - I think some good ones remain, but only couple. The future is in well researched, informative blogs...

    Keep up the good work!

  5. I appreciate the feedback both here and by mail


  6. Graham

    It was 10th October 2008, looking back at the date on the images of the time. Remember that cracking little Sanderling we played with. Might post a few from that trip soon as a 'From the Archives'

    Three years has flown by.

    Thanks for the comments all - blogging is easy when you are taking plenty of images, but with a lean time for me with various other projects and Dave either housebound or moving house, new images have been infrequent for both of us.

    Feedback is much appreciated though - Cheers