Saturday 13 August 2011

Things are looking up

You will have to forgive this quicky as we now have the keys to our new apartment and are currently moving our gear over, There is nothing worse than moving, I got my driving license yesterday so the chains have gone and i once again have freedom, Infact things have gone from crap to great Everything is coming together and we even had some unexpected good financial news so if a new camear is announced in the next couple of weeks as the rumour mill is stating i may be able to get one, I cant see me wanting to upgrade the D3s this year but if an upgrade to the D300 is announced i would be very interested or maybe even the D700 upgrade depending on the specs, The specs for Sonys A77 are slipping out as are the images of the camera and it will set the middle weight camera arena on fire-24mp and 10fps and knowing sony it will be a bargain, I am guessing that the D400 will be using the same sensor, I will wait for a few months for tests etc as i am unsure that 24mp on a cropped sensor will give good high ISO, I am in no rush as i have 2 great camera bodies
Ok back to the grind


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