Tuesday 2 August 2011

What next?

While discussing wildlife and photography last Saturday with Robbie the subject of time lapse photography and camera traps came up, as Robbie acquired a trap earlier this year.  Thinking about this with time on my hands as I take the train to work, I started to think about what and where to go with some different aspects of my photography.

With putting a lot of time into house projects this year, and the not inconsiderable price of fuel, my trips further and wider have been very limited.  Now the wildlife garden giving me a good degree of interest but there is only so far you can go.

One of the thoughts I came up with is to do a time lapse compilation of a 12 month cycle of life through the seasons on the garden.  But how to do it? What kit to use, how will the camera be controlled, powered, protected from the elements - lots of unknowns that I have never previously had to think about.

I was chatting it over with a work colleague who is also a very good photographer and he recommended a site to check out.  Lots of great stuff on both time lapse and DSLR video can be found here.

Again, with the grey matter whirring, I have often thought about using the camera close to the wildlife using wide angle lenses and firing remotely - both for stills and video.  So with that in mind, I ordered the Hahnel time lapse and remote wireless trigger release today shown below.

It will be delivered tomorrow so I will get testing over the weekend and see how we get on.  It seems to have some pretty good reviews so we will see.

Meanwhile, I need to think further about some time lapse stuff.  Please let us know of your experiences or other useful resources that you have found.



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