Sunday 21 August 2011

USB 3 Speed Test

Now that i have everything in the new apartment i decided it was time to back up my main photography hard drive onto my 3TB hard drive in my new PC, The last time that i backed up 2 external USB2 hard drives on my old Dell it took 27 hours, I then tried the same on my new PC with 2 external USB3 drives on my new PC and it took around 11 hours if my memory serves me correct, This time it took under 7 hours-way faster and very impressive, So i took a SD card from my D7000 with 223 images on it and downloaded using a USB2 device, It took 14 minutes, I then downloaded the same card with a Delkin USB3 device and it took 2 mins 15 secs, You've gotta love technology


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