Sunday 21 August 2011

New Toy coming

I decided to treat the wife and get her a new camera, She has had a compact point and shoot Panasonic for the last couple of years and really likes it, It is very good in bright sun light but once the light dims so does the image quality, I read a review on the latest waterproof compacts on Dpreview and again the Panasonic Lumix came out tops in every thing so checking it out on BH photovideo i see that the cost was a very reasonable $299 so i decided to order one and test it out underwater, Now BH as per usual was shut for business until Saturday night which is just plain crazy so they lost the sale to Amazon along with a spare battery and floating strap, It should arrive on Wednesday, If it performs as it should i will take it to shoot some manatees near to Xmas, I will keep you posted


1 comment:

  1. Dave is this really a present for your wife or just an excuse mate?